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Why Nutrition?

Can you remember what 'well' feels like?

Exhaustion, stress, anxiety and depression

seem to be such a normal part of every day life today.

In the UK we drink around 55 million cups of coffee a day

In 2017, 64 million anti-depressants were prescribed, and

on average 69% of us suffer with insomnia or restless sleep.

The world as we know it is heavily dependant on stimulants and sedatives, and despite the fact that these are supposed to help us through life,

many of us are still stuck in an ongoing state of

never feeling quite right.

As a Naturopathic Nutritionist my role is not only looking at your diet, but to also look at how surrounding areas of your life or habits may be affecting your ability to break down and absorb food properly.

At times of high stress our bodies go into a state known as 'Fight or Flight'. When we are in this state our bodies are basically preparing to

run away from a danger!

Systems like our digestive system stop working, so last thing we are able to do digest food properly.

Being in fight or flight is supposed to be short lived to get us out of danger but unfortunately these days many of us are stuck in this state on a daily basis.

It's important to remember that stresses don't have to just be external, such as issues at work or at home. Internal stresses can involve lacking in certain nutrients or eating things that don't agree with us over long periods of time. 

Some of us have been doing this since birth, and are so used to our symptoms that we don't know any different. 

Eating the wrong foods can cause the immune system to attack your own body, and doing this for long periods of time can mean your body is permanently inflamed , and this can stop all kinds of functions and systems working properly.

Each vitamin and mineral has between one to dozens of essential roles in the body. Just think, if one vitamin or mineral can do so many things, lacking in that one thing may be the cause of many symptoms!


Nutrition is all about understanding and finding your own personal balance!

Healthy Diet
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