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Naturopathic Nutrition Consultation

What this involves

A nutrition consultation is a confidential meeting that will take around 60-90 minutes. 

I will ask you questions about all areas of your physical and mental health, your general lifestyle and work load.

How it will help

With this knowledge I will put together a personal plan for you involving diet changes that you feel you can manage and enjoy, supplements if we feel they would benefit you, and any tips to improve your daily life and routines.

I will give you a plan to try for around 4-6 weeks.

We can also look at functional testing if this is something we feel may benefit you.

Knowing what changes need to be made and how to make them can often be very overwhelming so I'm here to help make that easier for you.



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Follow Up Consultation

What this involves

A follow up consultation will take 30-60 minutes.

We will go over what changes you have made and how the plan is working for you.

I will then make any amendments necessary for you to move forward in a way you are happy with.



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What this involves

Pay for an initial consultation and 2 follow up consultations upfront, and you get 30% off.



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