Can you remember what 'well' feels like?

Exhaustion, stress, anxiety and depression

seem to be such a normal part of life today.

In the UK we drink around 55 million cups of coffee a day

In 2017, 64 million anti-depressants were prescribed, and

on average 69% of us suffer with insomnia or restless sleep.

The world as we know it is heavily dependant on stimulants and sedatives, and despite the fact that these are supposed to help us through life,

many of us are still stuck in an ongoing state of

never feeling quite right.

My name is Ashley, and for years I struggled

to find a healthy, balanced lifestyle that was right for me.

Convenient, cheaper foods were creating a lot of health problems, and the alternatives seemed confusing and expensive.

My body was unhappy, which meant that my mind was unhappy too.

I was completely overwhelmed.

I decided I was done with feeling this way and wanted to  

get to the root of my health problems once and for all.

In September 2010, I enrolled on a Naturopathic Nutrition course with the

College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I stopped relying on pharmaceutical medication, and began to source

natural solutions for my symptoms instead. I found that I could significantly boost my physical health and mental well-being by paying closer attention to my body and simplifying what I put in it.

Now, I want to use my knowledge and experience to

 help people find simple solutions to what can feel like big problems.

So tell me your story, and we can work together to get to the root

of your symptoms and create a tailor-made

diet and lifestyle plan that will help your body flourish and thrive.

I'm here to help you get your life on track

in the way that works best for you​!

Brighton & Hove, UK

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