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I am a mum of two boys living in the very quirky, busy and

inspiring city known as Brighton.

Life in my world can be a crazy combination of exciting and 

exhausting challenges, which I am always trying to learn from.


Health-wise my life didn't get off to the best of starts.

I spent my early years taking a variety of medications and devouring and sugary foods I could get my hands on,

and I suffered with extreme migraines and 

gut problems from the age of 2.


I then went into my teens with Glandular Fever which lasted 4 years, more migraines, gut problems and severe exhaustion.

Into my teens and 20's I became hooked on stimulants, ranging from coffee to cocaine and speed - anything that gave me energy and got me out of the house, and with that came a string of more health problems.

I was constantly battling with exhaustion, struggled to get over bugs and infections, my anxiety was through the roof and I was developing more and more food intolerance's every year.

I realised I needed to make some drastic changes but really struggled to

find a healthy and balanced lifestyle that was right for me.

Convenient, cheaper foods exacerbated my health problems, and the alternatives seemed confusing and expensive.

My body was unhappy, which meant that my mind was unhappy too.

I was completely overwhelmed.

I decided I was done with feeling this way and wanted to  

get to the root of my health problems once and for all.

In September 2010, I enrolled on a Naturopathic Nutrition course with the

College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I stopped relying on pharmaceutical medication, and began to source

natural solutions for my symptoms instead. I found that I could significantly boost my physical health and mental well-being by paying closer attention to my body and simplifying what I put in it.

I'm not going to lie, it took some dedication,

but I'm am now nearing my 40th year on earth 

and feeling so much better

I no longer rely on stimulants at all, my energy levels are much more stable, and anxiety is generally a thing of the past.

My memory is much sharper and I feel focused and optimistic about life!

Now, I want to use my knowledge and experience to

 help people find simple solutions to what can feel like big problems.

So tell me your story, and we can work together to get to the root

of your symptoms, creating a tailor-made

diet and lifestyle plan that will help you flourish and thrive.

I'm here to help you get your life on track

in the way that works best for you​!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site,



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